Flow Sheets

Flow Sheets

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Flow Sheets are your go-to solution for tackling tough bloodstains. Liquidless laundry detergent that is effective and easy to use. Works for both white and coloured laundry. The sheets dissolve quickly, are fully biodegradable, and free from preservatives, bleach, phosphate, and plastics. The added biological enzyme ensures powerful stain removal even in cold water, while remaining gentle on your skin. The package includes 20 sheets.

How to use:

Machine wash:
Rinse the used panties in cold water and place in machine.  
Place 1-2 sheets in the drum of the washing machine, depending on load. 
Machine wash at cold temperatures (30°C–40°C), with no pre-wash.  
Do not use bleach or fabric softeners! 

Hand wash:
Dissolve 1 sheet in 2-3 liters of lukewarm water 
Rinse used panties in cold water and place in the washing liquid 
Let them soak for 15-30 minutes 

Rinse carefully in lukewarm water until there is no foam remaining. 



Click here to see the Safety Data Sheet

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