Are period pants sustainable?
Statistically, a woman uses over 11 000 disposable period products in her life. Imagine swapping to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative and at the same time save over 200 000 tonnes of disposable period products (per year, only in the UK). And you know what? It is possible, affordable and super easy, it is spelled: period underwear! 
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Period panties for all bodies
Every body is beautifully unique and we all come in different sizes and shapes.  
Are there period panties that suit us all? The short answer to this is YES! Read more about our sizes here.
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Period pants for a heavy flow
If you bleed a lot during your menstruation you might struggle with finding a good option for menstrual protection and bleed through them too quick. So, could period pants be an option for a heavy flow? 
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How to wash period pants
Many new users wonder how to wash period pants? Does it differ from regular panties? And can washable period pants be washed with other items of clothing in the washing machine? Find out here!
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