Are period pants sustainable?

Are period pants sustainable?

Statistically, a woman uses over 11 000 disposable period products in her life. Imagine swapping to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative and at the same time save over 200 000 tonnes of disposable period products (per year, only in the UK). And you know what? It is possible, affordable and super easy, it is spelled: period underwear! 

Disposable period protections such as period pads and tampons are the most common way to handle periods in Europe, however, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, such as reusable period knickers, are on the rise. Whereas tampons, pads and disposable period pants are only used once, reusable period pants made out of e.g. cotton or bamboo can be used many, many times. Simply wash them and they are good to go again. Reusable period panties have the same comfortable advantages as disposable period pants: you can wear them for around 10 hours, you can sleep the whole night without worrying about leakage or stains on your sheet, and they work fine for heavy flows. However, they differ in style and reusable period panties are of course much more sustainable. One pair of reusable period panties replaces about 200 disposables.

Did you know that a normal period pad contains 90% plastic? When choosing period underwear, make sure to pick one in a sustainable and breathable material, such as a GOTS certified organic cotton one and a pair which does not contain any harmful antibacterial additives or chemicals, such as silver ions. These are neither good for your body, nor the environment. When period knickers with silver ions are washed, the water will eventually come in contact with animals in the nature where it can be poisonous. Apart from that, it also disrupts your natural vaginal flora.  

Another tip with period panties, is to make sure not to wash them warmer than they need to, 30 degrees celsius might be enough. Also skip the tumble dryer. In that way, your period pants will last longer, and you can save even more disposable period protection. 

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