What are period pants?

What are period pants?
The most common type of period protection are disposable pads and tampons. However, there are so many more ways to handle periods. More sustainable alternatives such as period cups and reusable period pants have become more and more popular. And that’s for good reasons! In this text, we will explain what period underwear are, what kind of variations there are and where you can get them. 

What are period pants? 

Period pants are period proof underwear, they look, feel and are worn just like regular underwear, but they have layers of absorbing protection, which collects your period and lock it inside. You can wear them as your only protection or together with a menstrual cup for extra safety, and you don’t have to use any disposable period products such as tampons or pads. You can wear period panties for at least 6 hours and often much longer. You should change them when they feel wet. After use, they are washed, dried and ready to be used again. 

What kind of variations of period knickers are there?

Period pants come in different models, colours, materials and levels of absorbency. You can find everything from a period proof thong to a high waisted super absorbent menstrual pant. There are even seamless period pants with no VPL (Visible Panty Line). Period underwear can be made out of materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and polyamide. However, some materials which period knickers are made out of contains silver ions. These can be very harmful for the nature, animals and aren’t good for your body either. The best period underwear for you depends on your menstrual flow and preference of models, materials, etc. Just make sure to choose a pair which are good for you, your body and the nature <3. You can also order period pants here!  

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