Choosing a menstrual cup? Consider this!

Choosing a menstrual cup? Consider this!

Choosing a menstrual cup can be a smart choice for your vaginal health, your wallet and our environment. When choosing your brand menstrual cup, there are a few things to consider. Therefore, we have put together a list for you, so that you can make a good choice, no matter which menstrual cup you choose. 


3 things to think about when choosing menstrual cup 

Make sure to buy a high quality menstrual cup 

Buying a high quality menstrual cup is important as you want to be sure that no dangerous substances are leaking into your body. Currently, there are no standards in Europe for feminine hygiene products because they are not classified as medical devices but as consumer products. This means that it is up to the manufacturers themselves to test their products and decide what materials they should contain. 

At FlowCup, we see it as a matter of course to create products that are safe to use. The menstrual cup is in contact with the mucous membrane throughout its use. Therefore, we have manufactured the product in a safe silicone, which fulfils the American requirements for silicone for medical devices (USP <88> class VI). In addition, our silicone meets Europe's strictest requirements for purity (Bfr XV. 01.06.2020). This means that the material is tested to ensure that it does not contain any hazardous substances. To be absolutely sure that the cup is made according to our high standards of purity and safety, we use a European manufacturer and have full traceability down to the raw material's analysis certificate. 

In other words, serious operators and manufacturers ensure that the material they use is of high quality and complies with the safety classification for medical devices, even though this is not a legal requirement. For medical applications consisting of silicone, the silicone must be class VI. This means that the material has such a high purity that it can be used for a longer period in contact with our mucous membranes without affecting them. 


Check the softness of the cup before choosing a menstrual cup 

Make sure that the menstrual cup you buy is soft and smooth. This is important so that it feels comfortable to use (or not at all) - but it should not be too soft. A menstrual cup without sufficient stability in the material risks not unfolding properly and will leak and be uncomfortable to use. Suppliers and manufacturers who understand this usually print a text about softness in their product description or in information texts on the website.  

When we develop our menstrual cups, we put a lot of emphasis on functionality and use. Our user tests and laboratory tests of unfolding strength, flexibility and durability have helped us to create a menstrual cups that are soft, smooth in the cup itself and folds out easily.  

The softness of the material can also control other functions such as how easy or difficult it is to insert, how much it weighs, how it adapts to the vagina and whether it can keep your period in the cup when you take it out.  

One advice is to make sure that the menstrual cup you are going to buy has been properly tested by users. User tests focus on function and fit, and through such tests manufacturers ensure that the product is comfortable, flexible and fulfils functional requirements.  


Choose a menstrual cup according to your needs 

Many menstrual cups come in different sizes, which can be difficult for the user. If you have never tried a menstrual cup, it is difficult to know what you need. 

The general recommendation is that if a woman has given birth, she should choose a smaller cup and if she has given birth, she should choose a larger one.

However, our recommendation sounds a bit different. Since every woman is very unique and knows her body better than anyone else, we think that you should choose a size based on how much bleeding you have, as well as your own knowledge about your body. 

You can buy our starter kit and try out all of our menstrual cups to find your perfect fit here!

Don't give up if you are a first-time user. It can be a little tricky at first to get the right fit, but once it's in place, the cup will stay in place. Good luck! 
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