Bathing with a menstrual cup

Bathing with a menstrual cup

It is perfectly safe to bathe with a menstrual cup, it is comfortable and does not let fluid in or out. It can be worn for up to 12 hours and you can easily empty it when needed. 

Can I bathe with a cup? 

The menstrual cup is a convenient and easy menstrual hygiene product to use when you go swimming. Unlike a tampon, the cup does not absorb fluid, so you don't have to change it after each bath. Constantly changing a tampon can easily lead to dry and irritated mucous membranes, which can quickly become very uncomfortable. With the menstrual cup you avoid this problem and you can enjoy a full day at the beach without the bath water getting in or your period leaking through. 


Advantages of bathing with a cup 

There are several reasons why the menstrual cup is the most beneficial menstrual protection when you are going swimming with your period. 


- No need to change tampons 

The cup creates a secure seal so that no fluid enters or leaves the cup when you bathe. This means you don't have to think about changing your tampon every time you finish bathing or be concerned about dirty water getting soaked up. With the menstrual cup, you can swim, sunbathe and bathe as much as you like without worrying about bacteria getting into your vagina. 


- A comfortable menstrual product 

If you insert your cup correctly, it will fit securely and very comfortably. You can spend a whole day at the beach or swimming pool without it being noticed or seen. All Flow Cups are made of silicone and are designed for your comfort. FlowCup Flex has extra thin walls, making it extra soft and flexible so that it adapts to your body. 


- Easy to empty 

You can use the cup for up to 12 hours, which means you probably won't need to empty your cup until you get home again. If you bleed a large amount, you may need to empty it earlier. The only thing you need to remember is to maintain good hand hygiene. This is done by either washing your hands with soap and water, using wipes or hand sanitizer before emptying the cup to avoid bacteria in the vagina. Emptying your menstrual cup is easy and convenient. If you are unable to clean your cup properly straight away, you can empty it and wipe it out with some paper and then clean it with soap and water when you get home. 


- Hygienic 

The menstrual cup is the most hygienic menstrual product for bathing because it does not soak up blood, but collects it. This means it doesn't soak up dirty bath water like a tampon does. If the cup is fitted correctly, there is also no risk of leakage. You can bathe safely and comfortably without worrying about your period. 


- Avoid the tampon string 

Menstruation is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of, but sometimes it can be annoying if it's visible or noticeable. If you use a tampon, it's easy for the tampon string to become visible, which can be irritating. The cup avoids this problem completely because it doesn't protrude from the body at all. 

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