Period pants for swimming

Period pants for swimming

Period pants are not only convenient, sustainable and easy to use, but there are also certain period pants you can swim with. In this text we are finding out what type of period underwear you can swim with and also looking into other sustainable options to swim period pants.  

Swim period pants, period bikinis, and period bathing suits are all specially designed to be used when swimming. For period swimwear to work and keep you safe from leakage, they must have a leakproof outside layer and a snug fit.  

It is not a good idea to use regular period pants for swimming. They are designed to protect from leakage coming out but there is no protection from water coming in. In that case, the period panties would absorb the pool water and start leaking. 

On a hot summer day on the beach, periods pants, which are designed for swimming, might be too warm to be comfortable. Then a menstrual cup is a great option since you can swim safely with a cup without leaking. You also don’t have to change or empty the period cup as soon as you come out of the water since you can use it for hours. In other words, convenient and sustainable! 

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