Period pants for a heavy flow

Period pants for a heavy flow

If you bleed a lot during your menstruation you might struggle with finding a good option for menstrual protection and bleed through them too quick. So, could period pants be an option for a heavy flow? 


Heavy flow 

Some bleed more than others during their period, and there is nothing wrong or abnormal with that. If you experience a heavy flow you might just need to be more careful when considering which menstrual protection you should use. Perhaps a period cup is better suited than a tampon, and a period pant for a heavy flow might work better than a normal pad. 

However, it is important to note that you should not suffer if you bleed too much. If you have heavy menstrual bleedings for longer than seven days or if you bleed so much that you constantly have to change your menstrual protection you might have menorrhagia. There are some treatments and tips to consider then, all of which you can read about here.


Can I use period pants if I have a heavy flow? 

There are different types of period pants which vary in everything from style to the level of absorbent. It usually states on the period pant how much they can absorb and which type of flow they are intended for.  

Some things to consider when you buy period pants for heavy flow: 

  • Look at the absorption level and what flow it says they are intended for 
  • Find a comfortable and secure style of pant that fits you well 
  • Perhaps you have to change them more often 

There are period pants for heavy flow, as well as medium flow and light flow. It is common to bleed more at the start of your period, so perhaps you only need heavy flow period pants for the first couple of days and then you can switch to period pants for a moderate flow. 

If you have a very heavy flow and worry about leakage, the period pants could also be used as an extra security, together with a tampon or menstrual cup for example! 

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