Flowcup Menstrual Cup
Flowcup Menstrual Cup
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Flowcup is the healthy, economical and 
sustainable menstrual cup that you can reuse for up to five years. Flowcup is made of 100% medical grade soft silicone that is latex free, additive free and fragrance free, making it safe to use.

Which size should you choose?
Check out our recommendations below. 

40 mm - Light to normal flow
44 mm - Normal to heavy flow

I can’t feel or see it. Sometimes I completely forget I have my period. 


Flowcup is the best thing that has happened to me for a long time! So much more freedom!


I love that Flowcup is so soft compared to other menstrual cups I’ve tried.


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No time to waste on waste

Our planet is in trouble – polar ice is melting; coral reefs are dying and the temperature is rising. One person uses 11000 tampons and/or menstrual pads in their lifetime, but will only need a few menstrual cups. With the Flowcup you are doing a huge saving on the earth’s recourses. Mother nature says thanks!