Period panties for all bodies

Period panties for all bodies

Every body is beautifully unique and we all come in different sizes and shapes.  
Are there period panties that suit us all? The short answer to this is YES! Period panties are for everyone who has a period and is curious to try them out. Flow Undies come in sizes from XS to XXL, and it is possible that we will add even more sizes if we see customers asking for this. Developing the menstruation underwear, we asked our customers which sizes they wanted and with their feedback, we chose the sizes. 
Are you plus size? Then we would like to tell you that our sizes are true to size. In other words, you can feel confident that you are getting well fitting and comfortable period panties when you purchase plus size period pants from FlowCup. If you are still unsure if the size we offer is the right one, you can also check our size chart where we indicate the measurements in cm. 

FlowCup is a Swedish company and we have chosen to communicate the sizes in XS to XL. Clothing sizes in the UK are usually communicated in sizes from 4 to 26, and in Europe sizes are communicated in sizes from 32-54. 

If you are looking for plus size period pants in UK, it can be good to know that our size XL corresponds to 20-22 UK and our XXL corresponds to size 24-26. 
If you are shopping from another European country, you may want to know that our size XL corresponds to size 48-50 in European sizes and our XXL to size 52-54.  

As the development company we are, with core values that revolve around equality and sustainability, the aspect of having sizes for everyone has been extra important. Whether you are size zero or plus size, we hope you will appreciate our super comfortable period panties, Flow Undies! 

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