How to wash period pants

How to wash period pants

Many new users wonder how to wash period pants? Does it differ from regular panties? And can washable period pants be washed with other items of clothing in the washing machine? 

Washing period pants is not difficult and, as other clothing, you will just need to follow the care instructions. For Flow Undies you will find the instructions discreetly printed on the inside of the period pants. The care instructions have two purposes, to help you keep your Flow Undies clean and ready for next use and to ensure that you can use them many times. 

So how do you wash period pants? 

  1. Rinse in cold water after use. Remember, cold water is best at rinsing out blood stains. 
  2. You can handwash or machine wash your period pants, using a delicate cycle and wash cold (30°- 40°). Wash with similar colours. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. For laundry detergent, try using Flow Sheets laundry sheets that are effective for removing blood stains!
  3. Hang dry or lay flat dry only! Do not tumble dry or iron 

You can definitely machine wash your washable period pants together with other clothing, just remember to wash with similar colours. 

What should I be careful with when I wash my period underwear in the washing machine? 

  • The temperature, machine wash cold (30°- 40°). Cold water is best at rinsing out blood stains, will keep your Flow Undies to last longer and is better for the environment. 
  • Don’t use fabric softener because it can impair the absorption capacity. 
  • Don’t use bleach, since it can lead to miscolouring and that your washable period pants last less cycles. 
  • Don’t tumble dry. Air dry your pair of Flow Undies by hang drying or lay flat drying. 

Follow the care instructions and you will not only get clean underwear, you will also ensure that your period panties last longer. A win win situation for your economy and for the environment. Also check out Flow Sheets, eco laundry sheets, that is a great complement to your Flow Undies!

Hope that you now feel secure on how to wash period pants and your new pair of FlowUndies!

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