Handle your period in an affordable way!

Handle your period in an affordable way!

Looking for ways to spend more money on fun stuff and less on disposable period products? This blog post is for you! 

Period panties is an affordable alternative to disposable period products. They are a cheap and affordable way to handle your period. They are also more eco-friendly than disposables, a win-win for your wallet and the environment. And a nice add on to your new, greener wardrobe. 

Period panties will absorb menstrual blood and capsules odour, usually for up to 10 hours. They do not only differ in size but also in absorbencies. Make sure you order your right absorbency depending on how heavy your flows are.  

After changing to a new pair – simply rinse them with cold water and wash them in the laundry machine and you can use them again and again. You will also need a washing machine so that you can wash them once they are used.  

Even though it can feel like a big investment when you buy your first pair of period pants (you’ll need a couple of them to get through your period), in the long run they are less expensive than disposables. There are of course cheaper and more expensive alternatives on the market. And keep an eye out for campaigns in e.g. newsletters where you can get period pants on sale! 

Like all period products, practise makes perfect, and it can take some time to get used to your period pants. Once you are familiar with them – they fit like a glove! 

To feel more confident, some women use period underwear together with other period products such as period cups if they e.g. experience heavy bleeding. 


NHS and period products.  

The Scottish NHS (Scotland) is one of the leading examples in women's health. By law, councils and education providers must provide period products for free, to anyone who needs them. 

Simply contact your local council to find out where you can find your period products. Remember, periods are normal, so even though you might feel embarrassed to ask for period products, it is your right to experience good menstrual health. 

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