Together we can make a difference!

We were faced with a new reality whilst educating women in the village of Tamil Nadu on menstrual health during our latest trip to India. Many women had no menstrual products at all. Women were using sacking, newspaper and rags as menstrual protection, often multiple times. At Flowcup we believe that every woman has the right to menstrual protection, no matter where they live. Our mission statement since 2017 – we pledge to contribute to equality and provide women in low income countries with safe menstrual cups. We also want to make it clear that we believe it is every woman’s right to choose the menstrual protection that suits her best – whether that is menstrual pads, tampons or menstrual cups. We produce menstrual cups at Flowcup so we donate menstrual cups. Sometimes we distribute the menstrual cups ourselves and sometimes they are distributed by our hard-working partners.  We educate at the same time as distributing menstrual cups. You can read more about our partners in the respective texts above their logos. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues, partners, customers and everyone who contributes to Flowcup’s social work. Our work would be impossible without you and we are forever grateful for your engagement! 

/ CEO Diana Lidforsen and team